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Home security has always been the top priority for home and business owners. In the past installing clunky bars onto windows and doors has been a safe bet to keep burglars at bay however these bars tend to take away from the aesthetic look of a home or business, making them look more like a prison. Over the past few years, the investment of installing security window and door screens onto homes and businesses has been becoming a popular item for home and business owners alike, but what exactly should one look for in security screen doors and windows?

What materials puts the “security” in security window and door screens?
First and foremost, to separate from a standard window or door screen we want to make sure our screens are made with only the best materials. Military grade, aircraft steel mesh are industry tested to fight off burglars while keeping pests out and still allowing sunshine and a nice autumn breeze to flow through your home or business.

Quality safety screens must pass several of these industry tests, such as:

The Shock Test
The shock test simulates multiple attempts by a potential intruder trying to body sludge, beat or use blunt force to try and gain access to your home or business through the security screen.

The tensile Test
This test looks at the opposite force. Meaning, the force where someone tries to pry open your door or window by pulling on it in several areas and with different loaded angles.

The Resistance Test
This is meant to test a safety screen being jimmied open using a tool such as a crowbar, all hinges and locking points on the screen must be tested individually.

Damage Resistance Test
This is testing the security screens ability to withstand damage caused by cutting objects such as knives. Usually, this test administrator makes several attempts to cut with the same pressure at the same spot on the door.

Keep in mind that while we are looking for screens with factory tested material, it is also important to take a few other factors into consideration:

-Will it rust?

-Is it easy to clean or will dust and dirt build up on it easily?

-How long it will keep that “new look”.

These questions are answered by the grade of material. The lower grade materials may end up saving you money up front, but in the long run you’ll be forking over more money to professionally clean your screens, or even replace them all together.

Now that we know what material we want to be shopping for when in the market for security window and door screens, let’s go over the different types of security screens that are available on the market to decide which is best for your home or business.

Types of Security Screen Doors

  • Single Entry Doors
  • Bi-fold System and Stacking Doors
  • French Doors
  • Sliding Doors

Types of Security Window Screens

  • Fixed Window Screens
  • Fire Escape Windows
  • Casement Window Screens

One thing that all homeowners appreciate is the outward view. Whether it’s a sliding door or a hinged door, the last thing you want to see is an ugly screen that compromises your vision both inside and outside the house. Get security window or door screens that complement and increase the value of your home or business while protecting your loved ones and valuables at the same time.

So, to ensure that you get the most out of your investment and select the right security screens for your doors and windows, be sure to look closely and consider all of the various factors that go into making a security screen. The right choice will give you the peace of mind knowing your home and business is secured for years to come.

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UPDATE: Check out our recent post and learn great tips on stopping burglars, helping to make your home and neighborhood safe.

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Sure Secureds’ reputation for excellence is built on our culture of hard work, dedication and drive to meet the highest standards. We prioritize your safety while providing a tailor made solution to keeping your home safe.

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Our security screens are customized to fit Doors & Windows of all shapes and sizes. The framing systems available span across fixed, hinged, and sliding openings.

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chauncy fleming
chauncy fleming
Needed a few doors and windows replaced around the same time my community reported a home invasion. The quality of the products and the professionalism I experienced with Corey really gave me a new sense of security. Thank you so much.
Jake Carr
Jake Carr
Professional and accommodating to my every need. Used their service for my personal home and will use them again for my business facilities. Thank you again gentlemen.
Nicholas Shahinian
Nicholas Shahinian
Just had my back sliding door installed, really happy with the security door screen. Clean look which was my main concern when I first looked into their products. Thanks for the great service
Daniel Cueva
Daniel Cueva
I recently had some break ins through my neighborhood which brought me to Sure Secured. I really didn’t know what security doors or security windows were until I stumbled upon it. Bottom line they were able to expedite my order and now I feel much safer. These doors really do provide security that other products can’t.
Sandi Pierce
Sandi Pierce
Had sure secured come and install a front screen and sliding screen . OBSESSED with the quality and how high end it looks . Will definitely be reaching out to get my windows done as well
Randall Earwood
Randall Earwood
Top notch products and very knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend for people who take home security seriously.
samantha peters
samantha peters
Excellent customer service! I had contacted Sure Secured due to wanting to feel safer in my home, and lets just say I am more than pleased with there work. I will definitely be recommending them to all friends and family. Can't wait to do business with you guys again!
Allen Yarijanian
Allen Yarijanian
Company reps were very friendly and informative. Great product.
Jordan Tyler
Jordan Tyler
Amazing customer service and total confidence in the products/services! Would recommend to all friends and family!
Boxing Media
Boxing Media
I initially called Sure Secured for a security door screen, and ended up getting shutters for my whole house as well, couldn’t be happier with the quality. Thank again guys!

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