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2020 has been a difficult year for most and sadly, we have seen an increase in crime, looting and rioting over a short period of time. At the same time, with the defunding police movement, 2020 has also seen an increase in home security systems. Individuals are now taking on the responsibility of making sure they do their part in helping to keep communities and neighborhoods safe. Here is a list of tips you can put into to practice to help do your part in stopping burglars and keeping your loved ones, valuables, and communities safe.. 

General home security tips

1) Always make your home look like it is occupied. Either leave a TV or radio on or have random lights in your home synced to a timer or to your smartphone to give the feel that someone is home.

2) Before leaving or going to bed, make sure all outside windows and doors are locked and secured

3) Secure outside doors and windows with reinforced security screens

4) Befriend your neighbors. This is always a great idea for they will watch over your home almost subconsciously as the safety of your home correlates with the safety of their home.

5) Always make sure your garage door is closed and locked

6) Do not allow packages, flyers, or mail to pile up. Make arrangements with friends or neighbors to collect your mail or go have the post office hold all mail while you are gone.

7) Arrange to have your lawn mowed and tended to if you are gone for an extended period.

8) Make sure to inspect your locks on all your windows and doors, replacing weak ones with stronger, more secured devices if necessary

9) Doorknobs with push button locks need to be replaced. These types of locks are extremely easy for burglars to pick. Instead replace these locks with deadbolts, repeating for all outside doors.

10) Secure sliding glass doors with specially formatted locks or install custom fitted security screens for sliding doors.

11) Check with a locksmith or hardware store for alternative window locks

12) Refrain from sharing your vacation plans on social media for this will only announce to potential burglars when your home will be unattended, making it an easy target.

13) Make sure to cover garage and/or basement windows with curtains or shutters to block outside viewers 

14) Burglars generally know where to look for “hidden keys” so it’s best to refrain from hiding spare keys above the door frame, under doormats, in fake rocks or any other “secret” hiding spot

15) If you can, keep a detailed inventory of your valuables. This includes descriptions of the items, original value, serial numbers, date of purchase, etc. Keep a copy of this information in a secured location away from home. This will help insurance companies not only in the event your valuables are stolen, but also in case of a disaster such as a fire, flood, earthquake, or any other kind of disaster. If you need assistance in making and keeping your inventory, contact your insurance provider.

16) Be a good neighbor. You do not have to join the neighborhood watch but if you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to contact your local authorities.

17) Consider installing a home security system

Securing the exterior of your property

18) Make sure to store barbecues, bikes, and lawn mowers out of sight as to not tempt a potential burglar

19) Make sure your shed or Garside side doors are always locked and secured when unattended

20) Double check to make sure all outside doors have their hinges on the inside of the door

21) Adequate lighting on the exterior is always a must have. Motion-sensor lights are easy to install and cost effective. Best recommended for backyards and side yards.

22) Trim back trees and shrubs so intruders cannot use them to not only hide, but access the second floor of your property

Security Solutions

23) An alarm system is a great investment for home security. There are multiple levels to invest in, from camera systems such as Arlo smart home security cameras, monitored wired or wireless systems, all the way to aircraft steel mesh security screens. These add peace of mind to the home or business owner while away on vacation or a business trip.

24) If you have a home security system, be sure to always activate your alarm system when away

25) Many who have an alarm system installed don’t arm the alarms regularly for it can be inconvenient but many intruders know this and are not easily deterred by a yard sign or window sticker simply indicating the home is protected by an alarm system

26) If arming an alarm system in an inconvenience for you, invest in simi valley security screens to protect your loved ones and valuables

27) Another great reason to invest in security solutions is that some insurance companies offer up to 20% off home insurance.

28) Get a dog – while not all breeds of dogs are the best for securing your property, a big barking dog is sure to keep intruders at bay.

Car Burglaries

29) Don’t leave valuables in plain view from the outside of the vehicle.

30) Make sure your windows or sunroof are closed when leaving your vehicle

31) Make sure to always lock your car

32) Do not leave your keys in the car

33) Do not leave the garage door opener in plain view from outside the car

34) Do not transfer any valuable items to the trunk of the vehicle while in plain sight to the public.

35) Do not leave out items with personal information in plain view

36) Do not leave any bags on the seat or floor of the car, always place in the trunk, and if your vehicle is a hatchback or SUV, be sure to cover truck with a cargo cover.

What to do if your home or business is broken into

If the unfortunate event of a burglary does happen to you, here are some quick tips on what to do:

1) Refrain from entering because there still may be an intruder on the property.

2) Use your cellphone or a neighbor’s phone to call the police immediately

3) Do not clean up or touch anything until the authorities have inspected the area for evidence

4) If you can, write down or note in your cell phone the license plate of any suspicious vehicles

5) Take note of any suspicious characters around as well


To most, their home is their safe place, when someone breaks into your safe place it will leave you with an uncomfortable and violated feeling for some time after. These helpful tips will stop burglars from breaking into your home and will help you keep your home and neighborhood safe.


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chauncy fleming
chauncy fleming
Needed a few doors and windows replaced around the same time my community reported a home invasion. The quality of the products and the professionalism I experienced with Corey really gave me a new sense of security. Thank you so much.
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Jake Carr
Professional and accommodating to my every need. Used their service for my personal home and will use them again for my business facilities. Thank you again gentlemen.
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Nicholas Shahinian
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Daniel Cueva
I recently had some break ins through my neighborhood which brought me to Sure Secured. I really didn’t know what security doors or security windows were until I stumbled upon it. Bottom line they were able to expedite my order and now I feel much safer. These doors really do provide security that other products can’t.
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Sandi Pierce
Had sure secured come and install a front screen and sliding screen . OBSESSED with the quality and how high end it looks . Will definitely be reaching out to get my windows done as well
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Randall Earwood
Top notch products and very knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend for people who take home security seriously.
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samantha peters
Excellent customer service! I had contacted Sure Secured due to wanting to feel safer in my home, and lets just say I am more than pleased with there work. I will definitely be recommending them to all friends and family. Can't wait to do business with you guys again!
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Allen Yarijanian
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Jordan Tyler
Amazing customer service and total confidence in the products/services! Would recommend to all friends and family!
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Boxing Media
I initially called Sure Secured for a security door screen, and ended up getting shutters for my whole house as well, couldn’t be happier with the quality. Thank again guys!

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