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Home security is one of the most important investments you can make for your piece of mind. With this in mind it is important that you take your time and do your research to find out which security solution is the best option to keep your loved ones and valuables safe and secured.

There are plenty of misconceptions out there about home security solutions. We have identified 10 common myths to debunk for you, giving you accurate information you will need to help you select the best fitting security solution for your home or business.

1) Having a Landline is a necessity

Technology has advanced well beyond the necessity of having a landline. Although they are useful in natural disaster scenarios where wireless communication channels can get backed up with excessive calls. Todays security systems now take advantage of cellular and wifi technologies to connect to the home or business owner as well as the monitoring company. Not to worry though, there are still plenty of wired security systems available that generally cost less than wireless security systems.

2) Security Solutions Do Not Make People Feel Any Safer

Having the piece of mind that your home or business is safe from break-ins is the number one reason why people invest in security solutions. With break-ins occurring more often each year, installing home security systems gives the owner that exact piece of mind they deserve.

3) The Presence of an Alarm Does Not Deter Potential Burglars

According to an educational survey, 50% of convicted burglars would stop an attempt to break in at the first sight of evidence of a home security system. 60% of these same convicts would look for another house if their initial target had signs of an alarm system installed. Additionally, if the presence of your alarm system is not enough to deter a would be burglar, it can increase the chances of catching and prosecuting the culprit.

4) There are No Home Security Solutions for Renters

Although installing security solutions such as security screens or bars for your doors or windows require approval from your landlord. There are much simpler and more cost effective systems you can choose from. One of the most common and effective being the Ring system.

5) Long-Term Contracts Are Required

Full-service companies require long-term contracts to lock in prices. But there are many security solutions out there that require no contracts. Some services offer month-to-month and even allow you to transfer your system when you move. This is a perfect option for renters. Another option is securing your doors and windows with a physical barrier. These may have a larger price tag up front but over time actually add value to your property and can help you save money down the road.

6) Home Security Solutions Are Too Expensive

This is may be one of the most common myths. While security solutions range in pricing. It ultimately comes down to what you as the home owner or renter are looking for.

If you have a strict budget, there are many stand alone home security devices on the market. These products include video doorbells, security cameras, motion sensing lights, and smart locks. These systems allow you to connect to your smart phone or tablet. Allowing you to secure your property without spending the extra money on a monitoring company.

Having a monitoring company may seem expensive at first glance but the true this they are a lot more affordable than you think. There are companies that offer simple packages starting at $19.99 per month with no installation fees. Just the same there are services like Simplisafe that offer self installation and no annual contract. Simplisafe packages start at $259.99 for the equipment and an optional $15 per month for professional monitoring services.

Security screen doors and windows tend to have a steep price tag but there are a multitude of benefits for installing a premium security screen on your home or business. First and foremost is having a physical barrier to keep potential burglars out. Premium security screens add an elegant modern look to your property, increasing your property’s value. They also allow natural airflow circulation while keeping excess sun light out, reducing the use of air conditioning units and in turn, reducing electricity bills. As a bonus, to help with the initial cost, Sure Secured offers customers no interest financing.

7) Security Solutions Don’t Work

Home and business security solutions are meant to reduce the possibility of a break in and, should one occur, sound the alarm. The national council for home safety and security conducted a study showing that criminals are three times more likely to break into a property with no home security system in place. As previously mentions in #3, an educational survey showed us that burglars are more likely to avoid properties with any evidence of a security system installed. In the event that your property or your neighbor’s property is broken into, video surveillance footage may help authorities identify, catch, and prosecute the culprit shortly after the crime is committed. 

8) Break Ins Only Occur At Night

Another common myth that can almost be considered an urban myth with a boogyman that only lurks at night. However, statistics show us that this just is not true. Most break ins happen on weekdays during the day. Generally this is the time when most homes are empty since most people are at work, school or are just out running errands. Making it easier for a burglar to get in and out unnoticed. This is where it is quite beneficial to have a professional security solution during the day.

9) Security Solutions Are Hard To Use

not too long ago, wired security system installations required cutting open walls to run wires from the central unit to all the doors and windows. Most systems today negate the need to run any wires through your property. Making installation so simple that most companies allow you to install yourself and easily sync at the click of a button.

10) “My Home is Safe Because I Live In A Good Neighborhood”

unfortunately, this just isn’t true. In fact, homes in “better neighborhoods” and even gated communities, have an increased chance of becoming a target. After all, nice homes often have higher ticket items. Having a home security solution not only helps secure your property but it also helps secure your neighborhood as well.

Final Thoughts On Home Security Myths

Myths gets started and twisted much like the game of telephone. There are a lot of misguiding myths out there so i do hope this debunking list helps you to make the best decision when it comes to finding the right security solution that best fits your needs. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Also be sure to check out our other blogs. Comment, share and check back regularly as we post much helpful articles.

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chauncy fleming
chauncy fleming
Needed a few doors and windows replaced around the same time my community reported a home invasion. The quality of the products and the professionalism I experienced with Corey really gave me a new sense of security. Thank you so much.
Jake Carr
Jake Carr
Professional and accommodating to my every need. Used their service for my personal home and will use them again for my business facilities. Thank you again gentlemen.
Nicholas Shahinian
Nicholas Shahinian
Just had my back sliding door installed, really happy with the security door screen. Clean look which was my main concern when I first looked into their products. Thanks for the great service
Daniel Cueva
Daniel Cueva
I recently had some break ins through my neighborhood which brought me to Sure Secured. I really didn’t know what security doors or security windows were until I stumbled upon it. Bottom line they were able to expedite my order and now I feel much safer. These doors really do provide security that other products can’t.
Sandi Pierce
Sandi Pierce
Had sure secured come and install a front screen and sliding screen . OBSESSED with the quality and how high end it looks . Will definitely be reaching out to get my windows done as well
Randall Earwood
Randall Earwood
Top notch products and very knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend for people who take home security seriously.
samantha peters
samantha peters
Excellent customer service! I had contacted Sure Secured due to wanting to feel safer in my home, and lets just say I am more than pleased with there work. I will definitely be recommending them to all friends and family. Can't wait to do business with you guys again!
Allen Yarijanian
Allen Yarijanian
Company reps were very friendly and informative. Great product.
Jordan Tyler
Jordan Tyler
Amazing customer service and total confidence in the products/services! Would recommend to all friends and family!
Boxing Media
Boxing Media
I initially called Sure Secured for a security door screen, and ended up getting shutters for my whole house as well, couldn’t be happier with the quality. Thank again guys!

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